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African Sons
Michael Naicker

African Sons is the author's first novel that chronicles the life of immigrants. The writer draws his inspiration from the immigrant struggles of his forefathers. His forefathers settled in the British Colonies all over Kwazulu Natal as indentured labourers.They toiled and struggled daily in the African Sun. Through the passage of time, many went from labourers to landowners and skilled entrepreneurs. The author tells the story through the eyes of a “pikinini” growing up in rural Zululand. For the writer, time has been frozen in his beloved town of Kwambonambi. The writer regales the readers with  tales of adventure and turmoil of  life in rural  Zululand.Growing up in Zululand was an idyllic life until one October when his life was shattered.


The wheel turns full circle when the writer  leaves Africa in search of a better life. Departing from Cape Town, South Africa to North America was a similar leap of faith his beloved  ancestors took as they embarked on their own journey of discovery and  adventure. His personal struggles in life drew him to the shores of Canada in 2005. A new beginning far away from his native  South Africa.

African Sons - The Zululander

More about the writer

The author was born in South Africa. Michael  grew up in Zululand where he attended a  3 classroom farm school in his native town of Kwambonambi. He completed his tertiary education in Durban. The author is a graduate of the University of Leeds, United Kingdom. He is married with two adult sons. He  currently resides near the  Great Lakes of Ontario with his wife and their beloved Yorkie. He is now looking forward to a life of  leisure, travel and adventure as he winds down his lifelong dream of having taught all over South Africa, the United Kingdom and North America. He is fulfilling a lifelong ambition to write stories and tell tales of years gone by.

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